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Cultural Transformation is Actually Behavior Change

When the Greenlight Research Institute started to work on developing new, effective ways to facilitate big culture transformation initiatives, we went against conventional wisdom and started from the bottom up.

What we have discovered over multiple engagements is that culture change, in short, is not achieved by proclamation or even by an emotionally driven, visceral understanding of the need for change. Success at ushering in big cultural changes takes time, leadership reinforcement and infrastructure. 

Over the past ten years, Ferrazzi Greenlight's consulting practice has grown in conjunction with the growing sophistication of its change methodology. We've helped dozens of clients change from withinin the interest of reaping strong marketplace returns by starting from the key foundational beliefs that:

  1. An organization's culture is the collective behavior of its individuals.
  2. The motivational feedback of positive experiential learning, personal gain and public celebration change behavior.
  3. Achieving trusted relationships enables peer coaching of new behaviors into self-sustaining habits.

By initiating change at the individual level, explicitly linking those changes success drivers for each participant, and celebrating those successes throughout the organization we have discovered an effective methodology for planting the seeds of change within an organization. Leadership support, buy-in, and communication of these individual successes embed new, successful behaviors throughout the organization. The culture changes from within, not from above.

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