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Clinch a Client Connection

Liam had been thinking for several years about leaving his job to do freelance consulting for organizations. The problem was this: He didn’t know who would hire him. A light bulb went on when he saw’s invitation to participate in a project about developing personal and professional relationships over a meal. Liam immediately thought of Martin, an acquaintance...

Low Stress Dining with Family

After more than a year of non-conversations with her two teenagers, Marsha, a single mom, signed up for a dinner out with pre-meal prep from the Greenlight Guide for Dining with Family —a brief list of expert tips on how to develop better relationships with family members. The help couldn’t have come at a better time. granted Marsha was working such long hours that she felt...

A Cure for the Mondays

Becky, a 30-something stockbroker in Chicago, signed up for the new Ferrazzi mealtime conversation project out of quiet desperation. She had spent dozens of hours each week with the same small crew in a cramped office without learning much about any of them. And they were in the dark about her, too. No one knew that she and her husband had a baby on...

Rekindling a Once-Blazing Relationship: A Dining Guide

After nearly 25 years of marriage, Margaret and Fred were at a crossroads. With their youngest child just off to college, their lives were taking on a new rhythm. Fred thought they needed to figure out what it would mean for their relationship. He was a little worried. They needed to talk, really talk, which they didn't do much anymore. When Fred stumbled on a Facebook post...